Timberpro Chainsaw Review



Whether you’re pruning the hedges or cutting timber, the TIMBERPRO’s 20-inch chainsaw will serve you well and make quick work out of any chainsaw application, thanks to its awesome engine and premium chains.

Top features

Powerful engine

The one cylinder, two-stoked motor is air-cooled and the engine displacement is 58cc. All of this combines to create a powerful 3.4 horsepower engine, which powers through logs and trees like they’re made from butter.

20-inch saw blade

The 20-inch saw blade makes this chainsaw ideal for larger applications and is a great anchor for the rugged chains TIMBERPRO chainsaw comes with.

Heavy duty chains

There are two chains that are 27 feet long with 76 links. Backed by a powerful engine and large, sturdy saw blade, these chains can tackle any application you can throw at them. Better still, they’re automatically lubricated and since the chain oil capacity is 260ml, you won’t have to worry about having to constantly replenish it. Also, the chain tension is easily adjustable, enabling you to get the best out of your new chainsaw.


Believe it or not, this robust chainsaw only weighs 14 pounds. You may think that such a lightweight chainsaw would be prone to being jittery or extra-shaky (more so than typically heavy chainsaws, that is), however we’ve found that’s just not true. For a chainsaw, the TIMBERPRO 20-inch runs really smooth. The engine has the power behind it that it claims to have. We were easily able to fell a maple tree and we also used the chainsaw to split it into logs for firewood. It worked like a dream in both cases, and we were super impressed with the rugged operation of the chains themselves. Other features we love are the included accessories like the saw blade guard, carrying bag and more. The fact that this chainsaw comes with everything you need to store and maintain it makes gives it extra bonus points in our book.


When we read the instruction manual, we realized quite easy on that it may be a little difficult to follow for someone who has never put together a chainsaw before. That’s nothing to panic over, because a lot of help can be found online. Another thing of note is we had to adjust the tension after a few uses. We don’t think this issue will bother most people, because having to adjust chain tension is part of the gig when it comes to owning a chainsaw.


The TIMBERPRO 58cc 20-inch chainsaw is an easy to operate chainsaw that is a great choice for homeowners whether they’re old hands at chainsaws or buying one for the first time. It’s very easy to start and light weight enough that practically anyone can wield it with little to no fatigue. Also, because of the rugged chain and powerful engine, it can tackle hardwood like a champ, which is one of our favorite things about it. All of these great features combined make the TIMBERPRO an easy recommendation to make.