Best Log Splitter Reviews: 2019 Buying Guide

Splitting firewood is a very demanding task which takes a toll on individuals body. Log splitters allow you to split wood with less effort compared to using an axe. They exert more force and localized pressure to make the job easier. Splitters are rated with tonnage where a higher one allows you to split bigger and tough logs. They are used to split wood cut into round sections. A hydraulic or electric rod and piston are used to deliver tons of force. Quality models handle both hard and softwood with ease. Splitters vary with tonnage, a source of power, price, among other features. Selecting a splitter requires you to determine the size of the widest logs in your garden or pile. There are numerous models available in the market, but a few offer the desired performance. Also, different models are suited to different application needs. Below are few things you need to know before buying one.

Types of Log Splitters

We have commercial wood splitters which are rated up to 25 tons. Residential wood splitters are rated up to 10 tons. Log splitters are also classified into manual, gas and electric models. Manual wood splitters are the most simple to use. They provide more power at a reduced cost. However, they can be slow and cumbersome. Manual log splitters allow you to split 18 to 24 logs an hour. Gas or maul wood splitters are easy to use and more powerful but require a lot of maintenance. They save your shoulders while allowing you to split 20 to 30 logs per hour. Electric log splitters require a power source which leads to portability problems. Otherwise, they reduce strain and are much easier to maintain. They improve your log-splitting output up to 40 logs per hour. There are more quite and are fume free compared to gas models. Electric splitters are also lighter in weight but are less powerful.

Things To Look For

Consider buying models designed with a two-hand operation for safety. A free hand increases the chance of it coming under the razor-sharp blade. Splitters with an end to end attachments allow you to cut the wood at both ends. This saves a lot of time and energy. Select a model with the highest amount of tonnage. This is to ensure the right force is delivered when splitting tough woods especially those with knots. Splitters with wheels allow you to move the machine around. The blade should be strong and sharp to ensure longevity and easy application. It is recommended to buy models which are certified for safety. Below are some of the best models available in the market.


Best Selling Log Splitters Reviews

Sealey LS450H Foot Operated Horizontal Log Splitter

Top Features
Material Construction: Sealey LS450H is made of steel which offers splitting strength. It measures 370 by 835 by 520 mm which is small enough to fit in your store.
Force: It delivers a splitting force of up to 1.2tonne when you step on the foot pedal. The hardest logs to give in split up after 4 to 5 pumps on the pedal. It gives clean, sizable cuts which can be finished off using a wedge and a mallet.
Capacity: It can cut logs measuring 250mm and 450mm in diameter and length respectively. It is perfect for splitting medium-sized logs measuring up to 370 by 835 by 520mm.
Application: This log splitter is applied horizontally using a foot. You don’t need to use a swinging splitter.

A large split force saves a lot of work and time. It is affordable compared to its performance. This is a safe model for it eliminates the fear of bits flying around, and your fingers are also protected.

The blade has a tendency to bend. It cannot split wood against the grain. The support which holds the log against the blade slide back up the arm.

5 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Top Features
Power: This model is fitted with a 2200W FM8 Motor which is exceptional since standard model use 1500watt motors. It is also energy efficient saving up to 50 percent of your electricity. This electric model makes use of a long cord allowing you to split logs in your garden or backyard. It delivers up to 5 ton of force which is considerably higher. It saves a lot of work and gets the job done much faster.
Capacity: It splits logs up to 370mm and 250mm in length and diameter respectively. A hydraulic splitter with this capacity is perfect for people with smaller fires and wood burning stoves.
Operation: This model has a simultaneous button operation and a lever operation. It allows you to operate it one handed which makes it much safer to use. A stand and DUOCUT blade are also provided. This model is IP54 certified for safety which improves user confidence.

It splits logs easier and faster. It is compatible with various stands which enhance comfort. This is a strong cutting tool capable of cutting massive logs. It cuts both hardwood and softwood from pine to oak even ones with knots.

Heavy and cumbersome to transport when mounted. The ram needs to be pushed back since it becomes stiff a containable.

Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter 7 Ton Wood Maul

Top Features
Power: Heavy Duty is capable of 3 horsepower and a 7-ton split force. These are obtained from a powerful 2200W motor. It saves a lot of energy and gets the job done. With a 7-ton split force, the sky is the limit.
Mechanism: It is coupled with blades that are designed to split the log at both ends. Two pressure contact points allow end to end splitting which saves time. You can split logs with large diameter without attachments. This is more effective than cutting mechanisms found in conventional splitters. A simultaneous lever and button operation eliminates the risks of a one-hand operation. This makes it compliant with safety regulations. You can improve cutting performance by fitting a Duocut blade.
Capacity: Wood Maul is capable of splitting woods measuring up to 500mm. It makes use of a full adjustable cycle to match log lengths allowing you to splits logs much faster.
Construction: It features a heavy duty stand which gives it a total of 47 kg. This stand allows you to bring the splitter to a working height. You don’t need to bend to operate the splitter.

It is very stable when placed on its stand. A powerful split force gets through logs with knots. Incorporates a backstop to optimize ram speed which saves a lot of time. Durable, solid and well-painted metal construction. It is easy to use and maintain with the latter requiring just a few blows to remove dust.

Instructions are less user-friendly since the manual assumes common sense. No IP rating for water exclusion and dust proof. It’s a bit heavy for transportation.

Spear and Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul

Top Features
Construction and Design: Spear and Jackson 3765LM is made of a drop forged carbon head. The head is a tempered to provide durability. This is coupled to a high-quality hickory shaft which offers striking strength. The blade is hooked at the end to remove more flesh and make it easy to secure on your logs. his 6.5 pounds log splitter complies with DIN standards
Power and Capacity. An 885 mm shaft allows you to cut large logs due to improved torque. This splitting maul uses no external source of power thus allowing you to save money. The manual application also acts as a form of exercise which gives you upper body strength.

Effective in splitting wood since the weighted head adds momentum while swinging. The blade is also razor sharp allowing you to split your wood within seconds.

The hickory handle is made of low-quality wood which has a tendency to split. This makes it weak and unsafe. The head attachment is also loose with a tendency to come off.

Swedish Log Splitter

Top Features
Application: Swedish Log Splitter is a super easy to use. It is designed with safety in mind. It is very effective in splitting. This is a smart splitter which allows you to make an easy setup. The application simply starts with drilling a hole using a 20mm drill bit. A 120mm deep hole drilled 80mm from the edge is used to guide a rod inside. This is followed by placing a metal washer, a rubber washer, and another metal washer. The bolt is then tightened to secure the guide bolt. Simply, lift the striking load on top of the rod and throw down the weight. With a few repetitions, you obtain multiple wood splits.
Design and Construction: This model weighs only 9 kg making it easy to carry around. It is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Sometimes no effort is required since gravitational force is enough. Delivery is rapid, and the whole unit is sturdy. It is easy to setup and chops standard sized logs. It is more comfortable compared to using an ax.

You are required to make a base for stabilization.