Hayter Spirit 41 Review


The Hayter 671 Spirit 41 lawnmower is a gasoline-powered push mower designed with medium sized yards in mind. Hayter’s mower combines power and efficiency to create a quality mowing experience for the typical homeowner looking for a great cut time after time.

Top features

Powerful engine

The Hayter Spirit 41 is made with a Briggs & Stratton 500 series engine. If you know anything about engines, you’ll know that Briggs & Stratton has been in the engine game a long time, because they produce quality engines that stand up to the work required of them without prematurely burning out. In other words, Briggs & Stratton is synonymous with quality when it comes to producing engines, particularly for lawnmowers.

Versatile cut settings

True to its name, the blade on this Hayter mower is 41cm (16 inches), and can be set to seven different heights ranging from 13mm (0.5 inches) to 65mm (2.5 inches). The cutting height is easily adjusted via a lever that is operated single-handedly for ease of use. Moreover, to finish off your nicely mown lawn, this model is equipped with full sized rollers so you can get that classic striped finish that makes your lawn stand out in a good way.


The 55-liter (14 gallon) grass bag allows you to keep moving your lawn straight through without emptying the bag while the large blades allow you to cut your grass more quickly. All of this optimizes your mowing time while the powerful Briggs & Stratton engine pushes the bounds of efficiency even further.


The Briggs & Stratton 500 series engine is our favorite feature of this lawnmower. It runs smooth and makes pushing the mower effortless. Also, we like Briggs & Stratton because their engines tend to live long lives, which means your mower should run well for a long time. We’re also big fans of the seven adjustable heights. Grass cutting aficionados and master gardeners alike tend to be very picky about when is the best time to cut grass and how short it should be cut, and some have very different ideas about the right answers to those questions. That’s why the seven settings that come with this mower are ideal, because they allow everyone to be happy. The roller is also a nice touch because striped lawns are coming back into style and more and more homeowners are opting for that look.


The critique we have about the Hayter Spirit 41 is that it doesn’t come filled with oil. Now, some mowers do this, some don’t. It’d be nice if it did, because then all you would need is the gasoline to get it going. However, this is just a small complaint and has no bearing on how well the lawnmower runs once you start using it.


The Hayter Spirit 41 is the perfect lawnmower for small to medium sized lawns and we’d recommend it to any homeowner who is looking for a tried and true lawnmower with a likeable, trusty engine.